Southeast Professors Co-Edit Newly Released Book


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Feb. 4, 2011– Robert W. Hamblin and Christopher Rieger, co-editors of the book “Faulkner and Chopin” and English professors at Southeast Missouri State University, have recently had the book published by the Southeast Missouri State University Press.

“Faulkner and Chopin,” published for the Center for Faulkner Studies, includes 15 essays selected from papers presented at the Center’s 2008 conference focusing on William Faulkner and fellow author Kate Chopin.

Among the essays are “Storm Stories: Chopin and Faulkner in New Orleansᾰand on the Gulf Coast,” the conference’s keynote address delivered by Barbara C. Ewell who is a Dorothy H. Brown Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Loyola, New Orleans; “Romances of the White Woman’s Burden:  Chopin’s At Fault, Faulkner’s Light in August and Legacies of U.S. Plantation Fiction,” by Jeremy Wells, professor of English at Allegheny College; and “Empowering the Pedestal:  Unvanquishable Grannies in Faulkner and Chopin,” by Gretchen Martin, associate professor of American literature at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise.

The book includes essays by Southeast faculty, staff and alumni as well.  Rieger, assistant director of the Center for Faulkner Studies,  Donna Essner, office manager and assistant editor at Southeast Missouri State University Press, Shiela Pardee, retired English instructor, and Jessica Copous, former Southeast graduate student in the Department of English authored essays published in the book.