Southeast Public Radio Launches New Web Site during Membership Drive


Image of the new Southeast Public Radio Web site.

The new Southeast Public Radio Web site went live on April>Visit the site.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., April 3, 2006 — Southeast Public Radio has launched a new Web site in conjunction with its Spring Membership Campaign. The new site, “” went “live” on April 1.

The new Web site features links to Southeast Public Radio’s local program offerings, as well as links to programs from National Public Radio, Public Radio International and American Public Media. In addition, public service announcements (PSAs) that are announced regularly by the station are posted on the site and an online submission form is now available.

Southeast Public Radio General Manager Dan Woods says that the new site is loaded with links to special public radio content that will keep public radio listeners informed and enlightened.

“The site includes links to book reviews, classical music updates and much, much more. I believe our listeners will find the Web site easy to use and useful as an information tool,” Woods said.

The station is conducting its on-air membership campaign this week as well, asking listeners to become members to support the commercial-free public radio programming on Southeast Public Radio. The goal is $37,500 for the drive which is scheduled to end on Friday, April 7. However, Woods notes that if the goal is reached before Friday, “We will stop fund raising as soon as we hit the goal.”

This spring, the station is taking shorter breaks in programming to ask for support.

“We know that listeners don’t enjoy on-air fund raising, but we do need their support to pay for programming. So we thought we’d give them the programs that they love and take shorter breaks to ask for their support,” Woods said.

If this format is successful, it could become a more common occurrence for the membership drives.

KRCU 90.9 FM is an affiliate of both Public Radio International and American Public Media. Southeast Public Radio is celebrating 15 years as a National Public Radio member station. The station is located on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University. More information can found at