Southeast Refreshing ‘Will to Do’ Brand


Representatives from Ologie, the firm that helped launch Southeast’s “Will to Do” brand platform, will be on campus this week to guide the University through a refresh of the brand in relation to a new academic structure, a new scholarship program and new leadership throughout the University.

Southeast engaged Ologie in 2014 to create and launch a new brand in spring 2015. The “Will to Do” brand captured the grit and tenacity of Southeast students and community and launched the University’s success in increasing beginning freshmen enrollment and retention rates. One message didn’t do this, but it did provide a unifying opportunity to work collaboratively in pursuit of these goals.

As Southeast evolves, so must its messaging to connect with prospective students and families in a competitive higher education marketplace. Ologie will be leading discussions with faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members as well as conducting a number of surveys in an effort to better understand and leverage the University’s institutional strengths, of which there are many. As one of the most accredited universities in the state of Missouri, located in the prettiest city in Missouri according to “Architectural Digest,” with an award-winning conservatory of theatre and dance, an enhanced focus on STEM education and countless other accolades and strengths, there are endless opportunities to learn, live and work here.

To learn more about the process or if you have additional questions or suggestions, please contact Tonya Wells, director of University Marketing, at To learn more about the University brand, visit