Southeast Renaming University Studies Program


Effective Fall 2019, the term “General Education” will be used to describe the lower-division courses that are currently referred to as University Studies. Upper division courses with UI/IU codes will not be included under the General Education label but will continue to receive institutional oversight by the Provost’s Office. The term “University Studies” will no longer be used.

The University Studies program, which was implemented in 1988, provided a framework to support liberal education across lower- and upper-division coursework. Recent changes to the program, including the elimination of upper division course requirements and CORE 42 compliance, have reshaped the program so that it now resembles what most other institutions refer to as a “General Education” program.

After discussion and consultation with internal and external stakeholders during fall 2018, the University Studies Council voted to recommend renaming the lower-division core curriculum of the University Studies program “General Education.” On Dec. 4, 2018, Academic Council voted to endorse the decision of the University Studies Council. Final approval to change the name of the University Studies program to General Education was granted by the Executive Staff on Jan. 7.

Over the next few weeks, departments will be working to implement the new name in time for fall 2019 enrollment activities. The former University Studies website and other resources will be updated. Additionally, the University Studies Council will be renamed to reflect the change, effective fall 2019.

Please note, the new contact information for General Education:

Office of General Education
Academic Hall 132, MS3400
(573) 986-6700

Additional projects are underway to address new legislation and to enhance the General Education program at Southeast. More information about these efforts will be communicated over the next few months.