Southeast Student Selected as Finalist in National Photography Contest


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Feb. 25, 2005ᾰMichael Bricknell of Cape Girardeau County, a sophomore historic preservation major at Southeast Missouri State University, recently discovered he was a finalist in a national college photography contest sponsored by Serbin Communications.

Serbin Communications, publisher of Photographer’s Forum magazine, provides several venues for photographers and creative designers to market their work towards a target audience.  Publications, such as At.Edge, Designer Jewelry Showcase, Directory of Illustration, Medical Illustration Sourcebook and Play!, provide Web access and hard copy magazines to industries in today’s global market so top executives and creative directors can visualize first-hand the talents that could be used to promote a particular product. 

The 25th Annual Spring Photography Contest, sponsored by Photographer’s Forum magazine and Canon Inc., provides the opportunity for colleges students across the nation to submit personal photographs for a chance to be published in the November 2005 edition of Photographer’s Forum magazine and win a $1,000 grant plus an EOS Digital REBEL camera and lens system from Canon, Inc.

The entries are divided into two categories.  The first is color prints or slides and the second is black and white prints or slides.  Bricknell submitted four black and white photos.  A pair of old wooden doors on a brick schoolhouse located in Cairo, Ill., was the focus of one photo.  The other three photos featured an antique car in the Fourth of July car show in Jackson, Mo., and a deserted farmstead in rural Cape Girardeau County.

Bricknell learned about the contest through his Fundamentals of Photography course taught by Dr. David Baird, Southeast associate professor of industrial and engineering technology, who encourages his students to enter the contest.

“I encourage students to submit photos so they realize that their work is equal to or better than what students create in other colleges and universities,” he said.

Bricknell, who plans to graduate in the spring of 2007, says this is the first contest he has entered.  Until now, he had always taken photos for fun and not for competition. 

“I have watched family members take pictures before, but I never took an entire roll of film on my own until the summer before college,” Bricknell said.  “I can see potential pictures in my environment, but what is challenging to me is using the camera the way it is intended to be used because it takes time and money to learn that technique.” 

Bricknell says he would like to learn more about photography, but does not plan to pursue a career in the field. 

Instead, he intends to integrate his skills into his career and use photography as a documenting tool and as an art.  In the age of digital technology, Bricknell said he fears film photography will fade, and he wants to help preserve it.

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