Southeast Students Welcomed Back to Campus as Redhawks


Southeast employee posting a new Redhawk banner.


Jan. 18, 2005 – As students arrive back at Southeast Missouri State University this week for the spring 2005 semester, they’ll no doubt notice some changes on campus. Students will see new banners going up across campus that boldly invite them to join a new tradition at Southeast.

One hundred red and black banners, which will adorn light poles across campus, will remind students they are now Southeast Redhawks. The banners, purchased by Student Government, feature the new Redhawks logo and the slogan “Experience Southeast, Experience a new tradition.”

“Student Government wanted to make sure students are aware of the new Southeast Redhawks mascot and nickname,” said Lori Lynn, director of campus life and Student Government advisor. “They wanted to focus on building tradition on campus and also wanted to do something with a lasting impact that would beautify the campus, so they decided to use their discretionary funds for the year to purchase the new banners. They are excited about ushering in a new era for Southeast,” she added.

Student Government also will post four large temporary banners at high-traffic areas on campus this week encouraging students to attend the Redhawks rollout ceremony on Jan. 22, according to Lynn.

Students living in Dearmont Hall are being treated to some new décor as well. A large Redhawks logo, painted by hall director Nathan Bright, now welcomes students in the main hallway.   

“It took patience and a lot of hours to complete,” said Bright. “Hopefully students will appreciate it and it will help them get into the spirit of the new mascot.” 

The painting, measuring seven feet by five feet, took Bright about 40 hours to complete.

“I knew the Redhawks rollout was coming, so I did it for the spirit of it,” he said. “I thought it was a good chance to do something to liven up the place a little bit.

“I’m pretty proud of it,” Bright said. “Hopefully, it will stay there for a while so that lots of people can enjoy it.”

Photo of the new Redhawks mural in Dearmont Hall.