Southeast Welcomes 23 New Faculty


Harris Jeanne croppedThey’ve come from Texas Tech University, the University of Minnesota, Valparaiso University and places in between, but they all share a common calling. They are among 23 new faculty joining Southeast Missouri State University this fall.

Southeast warmly welcomes these individuals to the campus who bring with them proven skills as dedicated teachers, researchers and scholars, and who are expected to make valuable contributions to the University’s groundbreaking academic experience. New regular full-time faculty this fall, their title, highest academic degree completed and where they earned that degree are:

Donald L. Harrison College of Business

  • Nicholas Johnston, assistant professor, Department of Management and Marketing
    • Ph.D., hospitality administration, Texas Tech University

College of Education

  • Shannon Clapsaddle, assistant professor, Department of Middle and Secondary Education
    • Ph.D., education, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
  • Holly Wagner, assistant professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling
    • Ph.D., counselor education and counseling, Idaho State University


College of Health and Human Services

  • Nicole Beaton, instructor, Department of Human Environmental Studies
    • Master of Architecture, architecture, University of Colorado
  • Moretta Burk, instructor/assistant professor, Department of Nursing
    • Master of Science in Nursing, nursing education, Southeast Missouri State University
  • Cassandra Loggins, assistant professor, Department of Nursing
    • Master of Science in Nursing, nursing, University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Misty Tilmon, instructor, Department of Communication Disorders     
    • Master of Arts, communication disorders, Southeast Missouri State University


College of Liberal Arts

  • Doc Billingsley, instructor, Department of Global Cultures and Languages
    • Ph.D., Anthropology, Washington University
  • EuGene Chin, assistant professor, Department of Psychology
    • Ph.D., psychology, University of Mississippi
  • Jeanne Harris, instructor, Department of Communication Studies
    • Master of Arts, communications, University of Arkansas
  • Lok Pokhrel, assistant professor, Department of Mass Media
    • Master of Arts, human communication and social influence, Washington State University
  • D’Arcy Reynolds, assistant professor, Department of Psychology
    • Ph.D., psychology, Miami University


School of Visual and Performing Arts

  • Amber Cook, assistant professor, Department of Theatre and Dance
    • Master of Arts, production design, Michigan State University
  • Barbara Lamont, assistant professor, Department of Music
    • Ph.D., music arts, Texas Tech University

College of Science, Technology and Agriculture

  • Clyde Carryl, assistant professor, Department of Polytechnic Studies
    • Ph.D., computer engineering, Florida Atlantic University
  • Jonathan Kessler, assistant professor, Department of Physics and Engineering Physics
    • Ph.D., physics, Washington University
  • Natalya Kutsevalova, instructor, Department of Mathematics
    • Master of Natural Science, mathematics, Southeast Missouri State University
  • Garion Lovig, instructor, Department of Mathematics
    • Master of Science, applied mathematics, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Samantha Lowman, instructor, Department of Agriculture
    • Master of Science, animal science, Oklahoma State University
  • Michael Shane Prine, assistant professor, Department of Polytechnic Studies
    • Master of Fine Arts, Washington State University
  • Md. Rasheduzzaman, assistant professor, Department of Polytechnic Studies
    • Ph.D., electrical engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Jennifer Weber, assistant professor, Department of Biology
    • Ph.D., biological sciences, University of California-Irvine


Academic Information Services

  • Katlyn Griffin, assistant professor, Kent Library
    • Master of Arts, library and information studies, University of Wisconsin- Madison

weathers julie and Lowman Samantha cropped“I am looking forward to working with this cohort of new faculty at Southeast and am very impressed with the credentials and background they bring,” said Dr. Karl Kunkel, provost at Southeast Missouri State University. “These new faculty represent the future of our University, and I am excited to watch their professional development, positive contributions to academic programs, and significant impact on our students and their Southeast experience.  I am anxious to personally meet this group and collaborate with them during the coming years to achieve the high level of excellence expected at Southeast Missouri State University.”

The group will get an orientation to campus Aug. 8-12 during a Teaching Enhancement Workshop (TEW) planned by the Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning. During those sessions, they will get a deeper understanding of the rich academic experience at Southeast and how they can contribute to strengthening the student learning environment.

TEW will offer them an overview of the students they will teach, student support services offered and the diversity of the student body who collectively brings a tremendous perspective to the Southeast classroom experience. Faculty also will learn about the University Studies program and the Jane Stephens Honors Program.

The workshop will provide an overview of the Office of Instructional Technology with sessions on pedagogical tools and techniques to engage students, the support system to incorporate and use these tools, instructional technology available to support teaching and learning, differences between teacher-centered and student-centered learning, and how to use learner-centered teaching in the classroom. TEW also will offer strategies for effective instruction, the process for reverse designing a course, the role of the syllabus as a course contract and the elements of a course syllabus.

Sessions also will focus on Research and Grant Development which can help faculty members locate federal, state and private sector grants and other external funding, as well as provide support for grant proposal development.

Capping the TEW and the highlight of the week will be a bus tour of the Southeast campus and the southeast Missouri region on Friday, Aug. 12, including a tour of Southeast’s Malden Campus. Southeast President Carlos Vargas will host and personally welcome the new faculty at a reception and dinner Aug. 31 in the River Campus Cultural Arts Center atrium.