Southeast’s EDvolution® Center Debuts New Podcasting Booth


Southeast Missouri State University’s EDvolution® Center, a state-of-the-art space designed for future educators, recently added a podcasting booth to its growing list of educational resources.

“We are excited to have the booth up and running,” said Jana Gerard, coordinator of the EDvolution® Center located in Scully Building. “Students or faculty can use this space to create screencasts of demonstrations or podcasts explaining concepts.”

The podcasting booth features a Mac computer with GarageBand digital audio software for podcasting and Screencastify screen recording software for screencasting. It also has a Blue Yeti microphone with dual filters to allow for podcast interviews. Though the booth is designed to be used with the Mac computer, students are welcome to use their personal iPads to record in the sound-baffled, muted space.

The addition of the podcasting booth is part of the EDvolution® Center’s mission to provide future and current educators the skills, knowledge and technology needed in the modern classroom, Gerard said.

“Students and faculty are using podcasts and screencasts as ways to create content and communicate information,” said Gerard. “Our goal is to provide an environment where emerging technology can be experienced firsthand for teaching, learning and exploring critical thinking skills. The podcasting and screencasting booth contributes to the EDvolution® Center as a way to support students and faculty in content creation.”

While the booth is a tremendous addition for education majors preparing to become teachers, the booth also is a great asset to students and faculty across academic disciplines. Podcasting and screencasting have become popular methods to convey ideas, stories and class lessons for multiple subjects, added Gerard.

The booth is available by reservation or on a first-come first-serve basis. No prior knowledge of podcasting is necessary, and EDvolution® specialists, graduate assistants or Gerard are available to provide user assistance.

About Southeast’s EDvolution® Center:

EDvolution® is an initiative of the College of Education, Health and Human Studies to develop graduates – future educators — who are technologically competent and model 21st century teaching techniques. Central to the initiative is a one-to-one initiative in which all students in the College of Education, Health and Human Studies use iPads as a technology tool as they learn to integrate educational technology to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom.

Technology available in the EDvolution® Center includes Mediascapes for collaboration; 3D printing; laser cutting equipment; a large format poster printer; a virtual reality room; a green screen recording room; The Sandbox room with many coding resources such as Ozobots, Cubettos and Cubelets; the Jean Whitaker Demonstration Classroom; the Dr. Shelton and Glenda Smith Makerspace; individual study rooms; collaboration spaces; die cuts and lamination equipment; iMACs and PCs.