Student Awarded Sponsorship to Fund Old Town Cape Internship


Photo of Sandra Anderson

Sandra Anderson of Gainesville, Mo., has been awarded a Society for Human Resource Management’s Internship Sponsorship for her current internship with Old Town Cape.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., July 26, 2010 – Southeast Missouri State University student Sandra Anderson of Gainesville, Mo., has been selected to receive the Society for Human Resource Management’s Internship Sponsorship.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) scholarship is designed to allow students to complete internships that they otherwise may not have the financial resources to complete.

Anderson, a human resource management major, was chosen by a selection committee from the geographic region. After hearing about the sponsorship from her advisor, Anderson said, “I actually didn’t really think about applying for it because it was so competitive, but I decided to just go for it.”

According to Dr. Kevin Dickson, associate professor of management in the Harrison College of Business at Southeast, “Only five awards were given in our region, which includes programs from 10 states.”

Students awarded the sponsorship receive payment from SHRM for an internship they find themselves. The fund allows students to take full advantage of their internship experience by providing assistance so students do not have to struggle to work an internship and another job at the same time.

“The sponsorship is allowing me to not have to work this summer, which would be very difficult for me to do with my internship and summer classes,” Anderson said.

Anderson, an intern with Old Town Cape, is presently working to develop an employee manual, implement parliamentary procedures and help to reorganize policies.

“The internship at Old Town Cape has been a great experience. I feel like I have been given opportunities to be involved in things there that aren’t typically offered to interns,” Anderson said. “It’s been a unique experience developing policies in the context of a non-profit.”

Dickson maintains the sentiment saying, “Sandra is an excellent student. This opportunity will help her to prepare herself for a future career in her chosen field. I am excited to see the success of our students and the HR program at Southeast.”