Tecktalk Features Technology and Teaching Series, Part 3


Academic Technology has recently published a new article, infographic and video to the TechTalk Blog available at https://itblogs.semo.edu.

The third article from the Technology and Teaching series, “6 Pros of Using Technology in the Classroom,” is quickly broken down in a two-minute read. Teaching with technology is a big change from teaching without it.
“It’s 2019 – Do we Still Need Antivirus Software?,” is truly a valid question to ask. Are you protected at work and at home? Find out what, if anything, you should have installed to keep you safe.

Hard drives hold some of our most valuable work, photos, and information. As with most computer equipment, most people take them for granted. In today’s busy world, you probably feel you have enough to think about. But just in case you’ve ever pondered about hard drives, watch the short video “How Do Hard Drives Work?” This is a topic that may turn out to be more interesting than you might think.

Check back the following week for Part 4: “The Four Pillars of Mobile Technology,” to learn about the four Ps needed to keep the use of mobile technology in academics mindful.

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