‘Titanic: The Musical’ Commemorates Tragedy on 100th Anniversary at River Campus


by News Bureau on Friday, Sep. 21, 2012

Titanic: The Musical

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Sept. 21, 2012 – Winner of five Tony Awards, including Best Musical, “Titanic: The Musical” will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 5 in the Donald C. Bedell Performance Hall on Southeast Missouri State University’s River Campus.

On the 100th anniversary of its tragic journey, “Titanic: The Musical” recounts the dreams, hopes and aspirations of those aboard the fateful ship. The story of the launching, the collision with the iceberg and the sinking is played out against the background of the rigid class-distinctions of the Edwardian Age.

Bob Cerchio, assistant director at the River Campus and who booked the show, explained, “No need to say ‘Spoiler alert: the ship sinks.’ This show isn’t about a shipwreck but, rather, how the arrogance of the mighty has real, life-and-death consequences for those on the lower rungs of society. It is a story about people, not a ship; it is a compelling drama with equally stunning music.”

Unaware of the fate that awaits them, the Third Class immigrants dream of a better life in America, the newly enfranchised Second Class immigrants dream of achieving the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and the millionaire-Barons of the First Class dream of their hegemony lasting forever.

The ship itself, a dream deemed to be life-protecting and unsinkable by the ship’s architect, Thomas Andrews, journeys into legend in the hands of its captain, owner and crew. A stoker, lookout and telegraph operator reveal from their perspectives why Titanic was going too fast, the iceberg was seen too late, and help could not be summoned to arrive in time.

Tickets are on Sale Now.

Tickets may be purchased by contacting the River Campus Box Office, located in the Cultural Arts Center, 518 S. Fountain St., weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., by calling (573) 651-2265, or online at RiverCampusEvents.com.