New Student Success Website Highlights Best Practices Across Academic Departments


Six academic departments have been showcased in a new University website for student success. The showcase focuses on best practices for supporting student retention and persistence to graduation. The six showcase finalists were selected based on their responses to the annual Departmental Student Success Survey, which was implemented by the Provost’s Office in 2017. The best practices can be accessed here and include the Harrison College of Business and Computing; Educator Preparation Programs; Department of English; Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition and Recreation; Department of Mass Media; and Department of Psychology and Counseling.

 The student success showcase and website were developed by the University Task Force for Student Success. This task force was formed in 2017 as an advisory team for the provost to provide three deliverables:

1. A  process for identifying and sharing good practice;

2. A university-wide website for student success; and

3. A three-year plan to enhance retention and completion.

The task force has completed deliverables 1 and 2, and will begin working on the three-year plan in fall 2019.