Trash Collection Project Teaching Students about Recycling


WHO:  Dr. Diane Wood, instructor in the Department of Biology at Southeast Missouri State University, will be leading a demonstration with her BS108 class.  The course, titled “Biology for Living,” is comprised of over 50 non-science majors.

WHAT: The class will be taking part in an activity that allows them to get an idea of how much garbage they produce, and how much of that garbage can be recycled.  Students were given one trash bag each and instructed to put all of their garbage into it for an entire week, excluding organic material.  Students will then bring their garbage bags to class to be viewed.  Pictures of all the garbage collected will be taken before it is separated into cardboard boxes between recyclable and non-recyclable items.  There will be specific boxes for paper, aluminum, plastic and glass. The class will then compare the two amounts in order to get a good visual to see what can really be recycled.

WHERE: Science Quad between Rhodes Hall and Johnson Hall

WHEN: 11 a.m., Thursday, Nov. 11