Undergraduate Bulletin Moves to Fully Online Format


The Registrar’s Office is excited to announce the implementation of the online Undergraduate Bulletin for 2018-2019 available at  http://www.semo.edu/bulletin/index.html. The same information that was found in the printed version related to academics can be found in the online version. The biggest differences are the links to the degree maps for the academic program listings and the course search feature. Additionally, links are available to webpages for topics such as University Studies, accreditation and individual college information. Links to the departmental pages will be added in the future.

Highlights to the online content include:

“View Full List of Majors” link: To search for a major and its requirement, users can click the “View Full List of Majors” link, which will guide them to the areas of study page. Here users can select a major to find the most current degree map and other related information to that program. To see a list of majors under a particular degree, choose the degree and a list of majors will be displayed.

Course Search Feature: This is very similar to the course search function in the Southeast Portal. Users can default to “ALL” or choose a specific prefix to find a course. The displayed course listing will show course prefix and number, course title and course description, including pre- and/or corequisites and state-designated MOTR code. A future enhancement will be the ability to search courses by title or subject name (mathematics, English, etc..

With the launch of this fully online version, there will no longer be printed versions of the Undergraduate Bulletin. The fully online version provides the Southeast community a more user-friendly and easy to navigate option at their fingertips.