University Announces History Day District 9 Winners


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., March 15, 2010 — About 500 junior high and high school students from across the region participated in the National History Day in Missouri District 9 Contest March 12 at Southeast Missouri State University.

Students from Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Iron, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Stoddard, Washington and Wayne counties completed for the chance to advance to the state National History Day competition April 10 at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The theme for History Day 2009 was “Innovation in History: Impact and Change,” and students competed in one of five categories: exhibit, media, performance, historical paper or Web sites.

An awards ceremony was held at the end of the day in Academic Hall Auditorium.

For information, contact the District 9 coordinator Dr. Joel Rhodes in the Department of History at Southeast Missouri State University at (573) 651-2715, or e-mail

Elementary Exhibit Individual Third Place   Second Place

 “Chicago: Rising From the Ashes”Wade SlaughterTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden High School, Malden, Mo.

 First Place

“Invention of an Icon: One Toy’s Story”Riley CaseTeacher: Melanie TiptonRisco R-2 Schools 


Elementary Exhibit Group Third Place  “From Caramels to Kisses”McKenn Green and Allison StephensTeacher: Melanie TiptonRisco R-2 Schools Second Place  “The Innovation of the Millennium”Katie Halford and Autumn RockTeacher: Melanie TiptonRisco R-2 Schools First Place  “From Butter Churns to Baseball Bats”Drew Fortner and Ethan PipkinTeacher: Melanie TiptonRisco R-2 Schools


Junior Paper Third Place  “Up in the Air: Amelia Earheart and How the Innovation of the Air Plane Forever Changd Her Life”Destiney HillTeacher: Cindy WhitakerBloomfield Middle School, Bloomfield, Mo. Second Place  “The Cinema: How it Changed the World”Luke VoylesTeacher: Karen WoodTwin Rivers R-10 First Place  “The Marsyas of the Marking Board: The Architectural Innovations of Frank Lloyd Wright”Paige MedlinTeacher: Melanie TiptonRisco R-2 Schools


Junior Exhibit Individual Third Place  “The Man, The Music, The Moment”Dylan KennedyTeacher: Melanie TiptonRisco R-2 Schools Second Place  “Penicillin: The Future Drug Yesterday”TessaValleroyTeacher: Emily GoodeCentral Junior High School First Place  “The Innovation that Changed the Way We Believe”Corinne RoseTeacher: April WilderGreenville Junior High School


Junior Exhibit Group Third Place  “Out of the Darkness: The Beginning of Braille”Tim Fox and Ryan WestTeacher: Cindy WhitakerBloomfield Middle School Second Place  “Chemotherapy: Saving One Life at a Time”Blakely Bradshaw, Lari Spitzer and Shelby MartinTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School First Place  “The Sweetest Place on Earth: The Innovative Mind of Milton Hershey”Erika Woods and Kelli WallsTeacher: Melanie TiptonRisco R-2 Schools


Junior Performance Individual Third Place  “The Impact and Change of Poetry As Told By Ella Wheeler Wilcox”Shelby HamiltonTeacher: Cindy WhitakerBloomfield Middle School Second Place  “Riding for Change: The Freedom Riders Creating a World of Equality”Maya KelchTeacher: Emily GoodeCentral Junior High School First Place  “Out of Darkness”Justin ShockTeacher: James BreeceGideon


Junior Performance Group Third Place  “The Accidental Discovery that Revolutionized the World!”Tiffany Wood and Shelby SchaeferTeacher: Gladys HencySt. Ambrose Second Place  “Be a Good Little Soldier: The Wonder Drug is Born”Joselyn Riggs, Kari Muse and Krista RiggsTeacher: James BreeceGideon First Place  “Sports Broadcasting: Innovation in Entertainment”Kason Lawrence and Cassidy RobinsonTeacher: James BreeceGideon High School


Junior Media Individual Third Place  “Konrad Zuse and his Amazing Invention”Javin ThomasTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School Second Place  “The Coveted Cadillac: Mary Kay-Innovations in Marketing CosmeticsEmily McCordTeacher: Melanie TiptonRisco R-2 Schools First Place  “Freedom From Famine: Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity”Becca HayesTeacher: Melanie TiptonRisco R-2 School


Junior Media Group Third Place  “Atom Bomb”Cody King, Bailey Muse and Karley WrightTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School Second Place  “Over the Horizon: The Wright Brothers & the First Airplane”Drew Bond, Morgan Wilkinson and Kendra ElderTeacher: Cindy WhitakerBloomfield Middle School First Place  “Fran Liszt”Coulton Becker and Collin LukeTeacher: April WilderGreenville Junior High


Junior Web Site Third Place  “Dynamite: Blasting Off With Alfred Nobel”Shane StocktonTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School Second Place  “Keepin’ It Cool: Invention of the Air Conditioner”Seth DowdyTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie High School First Place  “The Camera: Oh, Snap!”Trever Glaus and Mackenzie ChapmanTeacher: Gladys HencySt. Ambrose


Senior Paper Third Place  “Honky Tonk Angels: Female Country Musicians’ Impact and Change on Women in Society”Rheana MooreTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden, Mo. Second Place “Revolution: The Beatles’ Impact on Music and Culture”Jerika PhelpsTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden, Mo. First Place  “Success Sealed with a ‘Kiss'”: The Innovative Spirit of Milton HersheyAnna GodbeyTeacher: Mike MurphyRisco R-2 Schools


Senior Performance Individual First Place  “The Walmart of the Roadway”Amanda WaltonTeacher: Mike MurphyRisco


Senior Performance Group Second Place  “Bullet Proof”Zach Smiley, Jordy Smart, Preston Dabbs, Terrell Dodd and Matt HortonTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie First Place  “Deadly Glow”Taylor Robinson, Alexa Grissom, Kassidy Lawrenceand Hanna MooreTeacher: James BreeceGideon


Senior Media Individual Third Place  “We Conquer Men and Mountains: The 10th Mountain Division”Billy GoldsmithTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden, Mo. Second Place  “Room for the Book: William Levitt and the Birth of Suburbia”Zack WilliamsTeacher: Mike MurphyRisco First Place  “From Pencils to Pixels”Kassidy MurphyTeacher: Mike MurphyRisco


Senior Media Group Third Place  “The Great Elijah Muhammad”Patrick Wilson, Kyeon Stone and Raymond KimbleTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden, Mo. Second Place  “The Sanger Solution: Innovation in Population Control”Ashlyn Harrod, Eric Pipkins and Shayna RodgersTeacher: Mike MurphyRisco First Place  “Seeing Past the Human Eye”Jerra Ingle and Tesla IngleTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie, Mo.


Senior Web Site Third Place

 “The Genius of Jarvik”Jade Carrington, Kristen Evans and Megan LingleTeacher: Mike MurphyRisco

 Second Place  “Breathe In, Breathe Out: The Iron Lung”Keisha Hess, Jessica Hunt and Alicia RassmussenTeacher: Kristy BarnesBernie, Mo. First Place  “Innovation With Indigo: Eliza Lucus Pinckney and Plantation Agriculture”Brittany Burnett and Grace PowellTeacher: Mike MurphyRisco


Senior Exhibit Group Third Place  “Cha Cha Cha”Helenia Jones and Jimmic FarmerTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden, Mo. Second Place  “Welcome to Walmart”Danielle Stokes and CastanedaTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden, Mo. First Place  “Finley’s Follies: The Rise and Fall of a Baseball Innovator”Hunter Knight, Luke Bixler and Austin WhiteTeacher: Mike MurphyRisco


Senior Exhibit Individual Third Place  “The Miracle Drug”Taylor SheltonTeacher: Paul ArnoldMalden, Mo. Second Place  “The Hostess with the’Mostest'”Sierra EarnheartTeacher: Mike MurphyRisco First Place  “Guaranteed by Guillotine: A ‘Humane’ Innovation in Execution”Carissa McDonaldTeacher: Mike MurphyRisco


Outstanding Regional Project 2010 “Whitetail Deer Conservation”Elizabeth HefnerTeacher: April WilderGreenville Junior High


Sweepstakes Trophy Risco