University Developing Proposal to Build New Greek Village



June 18, 2007 – The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents today discussed the possibility of Southeast building a new five building, 300-bed Greek Village to increase availability and variety of campus housing.

Kenneth W. Dobbins, president of Southeast Missouri State University, said the University is expecting its largest freshmen class in history when the fall 2007 semester begins in August. He said 1,800 first-time students will enroll in fall 2007. This compares to 1,518 in fall 2006. The University anticipates enrolling about 1,675 first-time students for both fall 2008 and fall 2009.

To that end, the Board asked Dobbins to prepare conceptual designs along with a funding proposal to be presented to the Regents in September. Discussed as potential housing possibilities were the construction of a new Greek Village and the conversion of 170 two-person bedrooms in Dearmont Hall to single occupancy rooms with air conditioning. This would provide 140 additional residence hall bed spaces and fulfill the demand for single occupancy rooms, Dobbins said.

Possible locations discussed for a new Greek Village included the edge of the Wildwood grounds, across the street from Robert A. Dempster Hall; near the Shivelbine and Greystone Greek houses along North Sprigg Street; and at the corner of Bertling and Sprigg.

Greek students currently are housed in five buildings which are a part of a Group Housing complex on the north side of campus at Southeast. If a new Greek Village was constructed, the buildings currently housing Greek students in Group Housing could be converted into freshmen housing, Dobbins said. These students would be in close proximity to the Towers Complex, where many other first-year students are housed, he said. The buildings also would offer an ideal environment for creating themed housing for freshmen, he said.

Dobbins said many Greek students prefer suite-style housing, but the current Group Housing complex is arranged in a community style format.

“Offering suite-style Greek housing would improve recruitment and retention in the Greek community,” he said.

Dobbins said there also is a need to convert two-person rooms in Dearmont to singles. Without offering private rooms to first-year students, the University has sold an average of 230 private rooms the last four years. This year’s enrollment will allow for only 90 single rooms, Dobbins said, and based on projections for next year, no singles would be available.

If the Regents approve a proposal for the construction of new Greek Village at Southeast, the University would plan to open the new facilities in fall 2008. Dobbins said Southeast would likely build the new Greek Village in phases.