University Employees Making Strides with UnitedHealthCare Motion™ Walking Program


The University has completed more than 14 months of the UnitedHealthcare’s Motion™ walking program. The program started with more than 84 percent of registered participants logging and earning rewards and earning an average of $1.23 per day. At the end of 2018, participation decreased to approximately 65 percent and average earnings to $0.82 per day. In the opening months of 2019, there has been an increased registered participation at 66 percent and earnings to $0.96 per day.

The University community is encouraged to step up participation and earnings, and to dust off their walking shoes.

The following table illustrates how many steps per minute are taken when participating in some daily activities:

Steps Activity Steps Activity
145 Aerobics 101 Pilates
174 Basketball 116 Ping Pong
87 Bowling 203 Racquet Sports
131 Dancing 174 Snow Shoveling
67 Grocery Shopping 203 Soccer
101 Housework 145 Yard Work

Where to Walk:

The weather is still cold, and Recreation Services welcomes all walkers to use the indoor track. Membership is not required for use of the indoor track, but employees must present their Southeast ID. The track is available during the lunch hour. The track is also available during evening hours, depending on sporting and external events. Please keep in mind that any external event may limit the track availability.

How to hit FIT goals every day:

  • $1 Frequency: the number of times you are physically active.
  • $1 Intensity: periods of time of high physical activity.
  • $1 Tenacity: achieving total daily activity goals.

Eligible employee enrolled in the Base Plan with HSA may still enroll in the Motion™ program. To register and activate an account, visit

For assistance with enrollment, contact a representative from the UnitedHealthcare Motion™ team at (855) 256-8668.

For more information about the walking program, review the Motion™ Guide at