University Releases Penalties for Hazing Participants


Academic HallCAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., May 16, 2012 — Eight members of the Southeast Missouri State University football team involved in an alleged April 13th hazing incident have received a range of penalties from the University’s judicial review process.

The players were found in violation of several Student Conduct policies and were sanctioned with penalties ranging from 15 to 25 hours of assigned community service depending on the player’s involvement in the incident for a combined total of 190 hours of community service. Additionally, those involved were placed on University probation and were ordered to complete a three- to five-page research paper on university hazing cases.

Tony Samuel, Southeast’s football coach, also imposed a team sanction of an additional 20 hours each of community service on the eight players.

Each member of the Southeast football team also will receive a team sanction of 10 hours of community service in order to raise awareness of both hazing issues and student and athletic student conduct policies. Team members will complete a combined total of approximately 1,250 hours of community service for the alleged hazing incident.

Any form of hazing is a violation of the Southeast Missouri State University Student Code of Conduct. Hazing is defined as any intentional, knowing or reckless act, whether on or off campus, which endangers the mental or physical health or safety of any person, regardless of consent, or which violates public law or University policy.

Names of the eight students cannot be released due to restrictions as outlined by the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act, 20 USC S. 1232g.