University Releases Review on Women’s Basketball Inquiry



June 30, 2006 – The recently completed review of alleged NCAA violations in the women’s basketball program at Southeast Missouri State University was released today at a news conference on the Southeast campus.

Southeast President Kenneth W. Dobbins outlined results of the review based on an inquiry commissioned by the Ohio Valley Conference. That inquiry began this spring after the University had reported allegations of possible violations.

Also participating in the news conference were Southeast Athletic Director Don Kaverman and, by telephone, OVC Commissioner Dr. Jon Steinbrecher, and Charles Smrt of The Compliance Group, a firm based in Lenexa, Kan., that was hired by the OVC to investigate the possible violations.

Dobbins provided an overview of the women’s program violations and announced that on the basis of the preliminary report the University will begin self-imposed sanctions on that program while awaiting the final report and a reaction from the NCAA.

The findings and the self-imposed sanctions will be forwarded to the NCAA enforcement staff to be part of their investigation, which is expected to be completed by late July or early August.

In February, Southeast announced that it had received information about possible violations of NCAA regulations in its women’s basketball program.

In order to ensure that an independent and impartial inquiry was undertaken, Dobbins requested that the OVC investigate the issues raised. The OVC contracted with The Compliance Group to conduct the investigation into possible violations.

Dobbins said that since there is still an ongoing NCAA investigation, the University and its employees will have no further comment on the women’s program violations until the NCAA issues their final report.

At the news conference, Dobbins also announced violations in the men’s basketball program that were not related to the women’s program issues, but were discovered by Southeast representatives during the period of the inquiry into the women’s basketball program.

These violations involved the University’s payment of travel costs for three student-athletes who were not eligible to compete, but who were permitted by the former coach to travel with the team for away games over a two year period. The University must pay a fine of approximately $12,600 – double the amount of the travel costs paid for the athletes – and the men’s program will lose five recruiting days in the coming academic year under a recommended self-imposed sanction. However, the student athletes will not lose any eligibility due to these violations.

A copy of the The Compliance Group’s report to the OVC can be downloaded as a PDF file:The Compliance Group’s Report to the OVC