University Seeking Name for New Redhawk Mascot



Sept. 22, 2004 – Southeast Missouri State University is currently accepting suggestions for a name for its new Redhawk mascot.

Suggested names are being accepted online at now through Oct. 16. At that time, the committee will narrow the selections and ask that Southeast students, boosters, alumni and the community vote on their preference during Homecoming week Oct. 25-31, according to Dr. Charles Wiles, chair of Southeast’s Mascot Design Committee and director of Athletic Marketing.

The Mascot Design Committee on campus is calling for suggestions at the same time it has begun the process of narrowing the search for an appropriate Redhawk costume for the mascot, and even more importantly, the right student(s) to wear the mascot costume.

The committee was appointed by Kenneth W. Dobbins, president of Southeast Missouri State University, and is chaired by Wiles. Members of the committee represent students, alumni, boosters, faculty and staff, athletes and the community.

Southeast Missouri State University will become the Redhawks in spring 2005 after the Board of Regents voted unanimously to retire with dignity the long-time “Indian” and “Otahkian” Southeast athletic team nicknames.

Mascots from throughout the nation typically have names, Wiles said. For instance, Fredbird is the St. Louis Cardinal; Truman is the Mizzou Tiger; Philly Phanatic is the name of the mascot for the Philadelphia baseball team; Miami’s Sebastian the Ibis leads the Hurricanes onto the field; Northwestern has Vic the Demon; Arizona has Wilbur Wildcat; the Atlanta Knights have mascot Sir Slapshot; the Denver Nuggets’ mascot is Rocky the Mountain Lion; Seattle has Mariner Moose; Oregon has Benny Beaver; and Wisconsin has Bucky the Badger.

“Bucky the Badger, by the way, was arrested and issued a ticket for crowd surfing in the student section,” Wiles said.

“When asked by the booking officer to spell his name, the mascot said, ‘Badger. B-A-D-G ..’

Appropriate name suggestions for Southeast’s new Redhawk mascot can be viewed online at: