Upcoming Changes Announced to Student Registration PINs


centered-logo-light-2-color-rgbCurrently, students who are assigned a registration PIN must use that PIN to make any schedule changes through the portal. Starting on Nov. 18, students who enroll in at least one course during priority registration will not need a registration PIN for that semester after the final week of priority registration. Students who do not initially enroll until after priority registration has concluded will only need their registration PINs for up to a week after their initial enrollment in a course for that semester.

This change will not affect students at the Cape College Center, students in the Intensive English Program, Dual/Early College Credit students, or new first time or new transfer students. Those student populations will still need their registration PINs to make schedule changes throughout the semester. Likewise, this does not affect groups that are not assigned registration PINs, such as graduate students and second degree-seeking students.

If you have questions about this change, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (573) 651-2250.