Voluntary Worksite Supplemental Benefit Enrollment Begins Feb. 1


Southeast Missouri State University understands that having a comprehensive benefits plan is important to our employees and their families. We are pleased to announce that we are enhancing your employee benefits program with employee-paid Critical Illness insurance, Accident insurance, and Hospital Indemnity insurance, with new plans offered by Guardian®, effective March 1, 2021.

What do you need to know?

During this upcoming enrollment period, from Feb. 1-12, 2021, you have the opportunity to enroll for coverage. We encourage you to take a moment today to review your benefit options and enroll for the coverage that’s right for you and your family.

Why Enroll for These Benefits Now?

Critical Illness Insurance:  When a serious illness occurs, your main priority should be focusing on recovering, not how much it’s going to cost you. That’s where this plan can help. It pays you a cash benefit, in addition to what your medical insurance covers, for a range of serious diagnoses such as Cancer, Parkinson’s, Stroke and Heart Attack.  During this enrollment period, you can enroll for up to $30,000 in coverage for yourself and up to $30,000 for your spouse, without answering any health questions. (If you do not enroll for these benefits at this time, you may be required to provide a Statement of Health in order to apply for future coverage.)

  • Pays you a Cash Benefit – In addition to whatever your medical plan may cover.
  • You’re in Control – Benefits are paid directly to you, not the doctor or hospital.
  • Affordable Group Rates – Children are covered at no additional cost.
  • Annual Wellness Benefit – $50 annual benefit for a range of preventive tests such mammograms and PSA blood tests.

Accident Insurance:  An injury, such as a sprained ankle or broken arm, can often have numerous costs associated with the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. After an accident, this insurance supplements your existing medical coverage and pays you a cash benefit in addition to whatever your medical plan may cover.

  • Easy Enrollment – With no medical questions to cover you and your family.
  • Variety of Covered Injuries and Services – Paid directly to you.
  • Active Families – Will appreciate the 20% additional benefit for injuries to a covered child while playing organized sports. (The child must be insured by the plan on date the accident occurred.  The child must be 18 years of age or younger.) 
  • Annual Wellness Benefit – Get $50 back for routine health screenings, such as a mammogram, colonoscopy, and child well visits.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance (Applicants over age 69 are not eligible to enroll in Hospital Indemnity insurance.): A serious illness or injury may require a hospital stay, which can often include significant out-of-pocket expenses.This plan pays a fixed cash payment to you when you are admitted to a hospital.

  • It’s Paid to You – A lump sum cash payment for hospitalization, whether or not these charges are covered by your medical plan.
  • Take it with You – If you change jobs, you have the option to continue your coverage.
  • Guaranteed Acceptance – No medical questions to answer to enroll.

It’s Easy to Get Started!

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to get the health and financial protection you need is through your workplace benefits.

Learn more about these benefits by attending a webinar on one of these dates:

Starting Feb. 1, 2021, enrollment begins. Log into My Southeast Portal to review enrollment instructions. The instructions, as well as other information, will be available on the Employee Tab under the University Update -HR section.

Remember to enroll by Feb. 12, 2021.

Insurance products are underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY.  Products are not available in all states. Policy limitations and exclusions apply.  Optional riders and/or features may incur additional costs.  Plan documents are the final arbiter of coverage. Critical Illness, GP-1-CI-14; Accident, GP-1-AC-BEN-12, et al; Hospital Indemnity, GP-1-HI-15.

2018-63789 (exp 08/20)