Will Abbott Interning at Dell as Fitness Trainer


willabbottWill Abbott of Trenton, Ill., is interning at Dell in Round Rock, Texas, as a fitness trainer.

“I am excited about helping individuals reach the goals they set for themselves,” said Will, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in health management with an emphasis in exercise science. “I can help motivate anyone with a serious desire to improve themselves, and they inspire me in return.”

At his internship, Will’s responsibilities range from administrative to maintenance to fitness. He has also been able to accomplish several goals during his internship.

“I have become a member of their team and can enroll members, and create personalized exercise programs for them. I designed one of Dell’s quarterly incentive programs entitled ‘Best Fitness Friends’ making them create a structured team so they must be accountable for each other’s progress,” Will says.

After completing his internship, Will plans to interview with MediFit for a job at Dell or another site. Dell and the other sites are clients of MediFit, which has corporate fitness centers nationwide.

“My favorite experience is that amazingly friendly staff I get to work with,” Will says.

This is his first internship. Through it, he has gotten several references and a couple of interviews with MediFit.

“I am eager to start my career right away. I am looking at sites all over the nation,” Will says, discussing his plans after graduating from Southeast.

Will says the instructors he has had at Southeast have been outstanding.

“I really enjoyed my instructors,” Will said. “The core instructors in the major are the best I could have hoped for. I went out of my way to take classes from Dr. Jason Wagganer even though he is typically viewed as a tough instructor. That is just one example. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from all of them.”

Will has lived on campus at Southeast and says nothing beats dorm life and the newfound independence that comes with it after high school.

He also has a variety of interests.

“I am a runner by habit, even though I do not run as much as I would like to,” Will says. “I play guitar and was in a band for a long time with another student of Southeast. I enjoy watching Chargers football and following a fantasy football team.”

He also has worked as a referee in Southeast’s intramural leagues.

Will says he loves vacations and would like to go to Ireland someday to hike and to Thailand to ride an elephant.

To Southeast students, he says, “I would say take advantage of the professors’ volunteer opportunities; I wish I had done more. A good letter of recommendation can make all the difference.”