Winners of Southeast’s 2019 Startup Pitch Competition Announced


The Douglas C. Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Southeast Missouri State University is pleased to announce the winnerss of the third annual Southeast Startup Pitch Competition on May 1.

Southeast students from the five teams presented their business pitch live to a team of local entrepreneur judges. The teams had 10 minutes to make a presentation and answer questions from judges. After 15 minutes of deliberation, the judges announced the winners.

The Startup Pitch Competition gives current full-time undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to develop real-world skills for an innovative new business idea and compete for cash prizes up to $2,000. Students could compete as individuals or teams. Each team was required to submit a one- to two-page executive summary and a three-minute video pitching their business idea to the team of judges. This year’s competition received 14 entries from more than 30 students.

First place went to Katrien Gille of Kuringen, Belgium, for her pitch titled “Revelation Bags.” Revelation Bags would allow local restaurants to sell extra, untouched food at the end of their business day for a discount. Local Cape Girardeau restaurants would work together with the application “Cargo Carryout” to sell bags which they would make available at the beginning of the next day. These bags would contain a mix of dishes that were left after the final shifts at several local restaurants. Because of the mix, dinner would include a variety of foods that normally wouldn’t be a traditional dish on the menu. Since restaurants can’t predict which dishes or ingredients will be popular on a given day, they will not make promises on the food the bags will contain. Because of this element of surprise, the bags are called “Revelation Bags.”

Second place went to Gavin Pringle of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for his pitch titled “Curren€.” Curren€ – pronounced currency – would allow users to swiftly convert home currency to any desired international currency. Curren€ facilitates currency conversion using a fast and user-friendly website and app, with no fees or bid-ask spreads.

Third place went to Aaron Birk of Charleston, Missouri, for his pitch titled “Travelsub.” Travelsub’s is designed to provide a convenient service, which gives clients the most affordable and memorable experience possible. Travelsub will work as a subscription-based travel company, providing customers the opportunity to make their travel dreams come true by setting aside monthly contributions  leading up to their vacation date. When the time rolls around, the entire trip is planned, set up and funded. From transportation to accommodations and key activities, the trip is booked, organized and the client has had the opportunity to customize the details of the experience to his or her specific preferences.

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