Wood Presents Faculty Senate Report


Faculty Senate Chair Dr. Diane Wood discussed recent activity of the Faculty Senate during a presentation to the Board of Regents Dec. 18.

Faculty were able to learn from the challenges of transitioning to remote learning quickly during the spring semester and better prepare to use new technologies and format their classes in new ways for the fall semester, she said.

Wood thanked the University’s Emergency Response Team and their efforts to successfully create a safe environment on campus, including new guidelines, face coverings and cleaning procedures.

Students have also been supportive and adopted the new procedures and safety measures, she said. Faculty, staff and students embraced caring for one another and keeping Southeast safe.

This semester, the Senate was also tasked with assisting in the academic prioritization process and was the last group to review the recommendations given to the Provost’s Office, Wood said.

While the process at times was difficult for faculty members personally invested in these programs, it was a positive, education experience, she said. The Senate and faculty members remained focus on their goal to strengthen and improve Southeast’s academic programs for current and future students.

Wood emphasized that even pre-pandemic, Southeast has experienced budget cuts and the federal and state support for higher education has been decreasing for many institutions, but faculty and the University’s goal should remain focused on providing a quality education and to be strategic with any prioritization and changes.

Woods concluded by saying the Senate and many faculty members are having discussions about the University’s handling of sexual misconduct cases and Title IX law.

She said this is an opportunity for reflection and positive changes by openly exploring how to facilitate a cultural change that involves healing and building trust.