Wubbena Creates Artwork Highlighting Public Good During COVID-19 Pandemic


“Overlay of Shifting Measurements”

When the Stay Home Missouri issue was ordered a few weeks ago, Chris Wubbena’s creative juices took over.

While others may have been feeling their daily routines restricted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wubbena’s thoughts turned to the need for “common good.” Using tools and measuring devices — rulers, c-clamps, a tape measure, hammers and levels —   he went to work to create a series of artworks he’s calling “public good.

“With these ‘public good’ pieces, I’m considering the history of civilization and the need for common good,” said Wubbena, professor of sculpture. “Tools and measurement devices are used as ways of expressing a common need to build together.

Aggregate of Measurable Faculty”

“To me, all objects have meanings, and when those objects are combined with other objects, those meanings begin to grow or change as if the objects become words in a sentence,” he said. “When text is added into the mix, it changes the conversation even more.

The pieces are titled “aggregate of parallel distances,” “overlay of shifting measurements,” “extension of considerable focus,” “allowance of immeasurable faculty” and “adjustment of unequal force.”

While Wubbena says he cannot explain in its entirety the meaning behind the new works, the emphasis is on “public good.

“As a civilization, we are in this together. We always have been.  We have been in this together for the existence of humanity,” he said. “This work encourages respect and protection of the public good for everyone with an eye toward building an equitable future for all.”