Wufoo Forms to Discontinue July 15


As University Marketing progresses with the semo.edu site redesign, there are a few services used with the site that will be transitioning to new platforms. University Marketing’s Wufoo forms account will be discontinuing with the launch of the new website.

Forms currently linked to or embedded in web pages are being migrated to Cognito forms. If you have an active form in University Marketing’s Wufoo account not currently live on your website, contact University Marketing by July 15 or take steps to transition your form to a new service. If your form lives on your website now, University Marketing is moving your form as part of the redesign, so no further action is needed.

Any forms not migrated and any entries not downloaded and saved from Wufoo before the account is discontinued will be lost and irretrievable.

For more information, contact web@semo.edu.